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December 05 2014

Employment in Alberta Oil and Gas - Six Decades in the Making

Sixty many years of development and exploration within the oil and gas industry has brought many benefits to Albertas economy, including: Oil field jobs Alberta

Plentiful opportunities for employment in Alberta oil and gas - 275,000 direct and indirect oil and gas jobs

3.7% economic growth over 20 years, the best in Canada

A GDP per capita which is more than the national average ($39,000)

Lowest unemployment rate in the country

Alberta is known for yielding a large percentage of Canadas gas and oil resources, and in the many years to come, the provinces petroleum industry will produce much more occupations. The baby boomers are receiving older so when they head into retirement theyre leaving behind more jobs compared to the current candidate pool can fill. Additionally, because the industry evolves, so does its interest in workers. Alberta Oil Jobs

Together, those two factors have amounted to a labor shortage in Canadas petroleum industry and, consequently, the oil and gas industry needs to fill 5400 new jobs in the next 3 years, according the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada.

Oil and gas in Alberta, from the numbers

Alberta also has by far the most occupations for Canadians seeking to get into the gas and oil sector. The provinces oil sands operations alone employ more than 20,000 workers which community of co-workers is projected to grow by 73% by 2021. This translates into very promising prospects for employment in Albertas oil and gas industry-through the front lines to engineering, accounting to technical sales-and every role in between.

Gas and Oil Jobs - Narrow the Search

This abundance of opportunities in Alberta oil and gas, however, presents an exclusive challenge for job seekers and employers alike. Of all the number of choices, how can you find the appropriate fit and make certain you hold the required employability skills to obtain your foot within the door?

Thats where we come in: Our company is a team of skilled professionals that have extensive experience employed in the Alberta Oilfields. We realize the skill sets that employers are searching for and they are certain that we could have you trained up with the required employability skills in a month or less. http: //fieldreadybootcamp.com/

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